Postpartum doula rate is $30/hour (3 hours min.) or you can choose from one of the packages below. 

These packages are meant to get you started, thinking about your postpartum needs. If you’re looking for something specific, or you have something else in mind, together we can create a package that works best for you!


Welcome home! A perfect package to help you unpack and figure things out once you’ve arrived home with baby. Maybe day one, or perhaps a week in.

A single visit, 3-4 hours of care.

Doula for a day

Your investment: $90

Getting Started

Your investment: $150

This is a good package for the mom who just needs a couple of visits to get the ball rolling.

     6 hours of care. This includes 2 visits of 3 hours each.

Gaining Confidence

Your investment: $300

We will together to learn what your baby needs. Great for the mom who just needs a bit of extra help at the beginning.

     12 hours of care. This includes up to 4 visits (3 hour minimum per visit).

Helping Hands

Your investment: $500

This package allows us the time to figure out how things work, while answering all your questions and getting things done around the house.

     20 hours of care. This includes up to 6 visits (3 hour minimum per visit).

Overnight Care   

Your investment: $180

This is the package that will allow you to get some sleep, knowing your baby is safe and being cared for expertly. Nothing replaces the care you can give, but getting some proper rest will make you feel better and allow you to give the best of yourself.

10:00 pm to 6:00 am -  8 hours of care.

Extended Care

Your investment:$1000

This package will really get things on track, whether it is helping with breastfeeding, making   sure mom is getting enough sleep, organizing the house and working on schedules.

40 hours of care. This includes up to 10 visits (4 hour minimum per visit)