Finding Jennifer was exactly what I needed. Her personality totally won me over: upbeat, in love with life, her enthusiasm is infectious. She is both a great listener and an excellent communicator. During delivery, she’s got you! Not only was she a great support for me, she was also a great support for my husband.
The birth of my son remains the most intense, empowering, magical moment of my life. Jennifer will always be a big part of my story, and of my son’s story.
My partner’s and my experience with having a doula present for our birth was fantastic. Jennifer was outstanding in helping me focus and in supporting us during labour and delivery. I am so thankful to have had this experience.
Jennifer made the experience of being pregnant and coping with the fears of labour and delivery a lot easier on both me and my partner. I went into labour with a positive outlook on labour thanks to the information and teaching Jennifer provided. Jennifer was also an amazing support for the rest of my family and my mother spoke of the important role she played for her in the delivery as well.