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Meet Jennifer

I live in St. Joseph du Moine, a small village on the western side of Cape Breton, with my husband and two teenage children. From the moment I laid eyes on my first born,  I understood the amazing force that birth holds for me. I am passionate about all elements of birth - pregnancy, labour and delivery, and of course babies, but what thrills me most is working with, and supporting, mothers. I love to both teach, and learn from, the mothers I meet.

Becoming a doula was something that bloomed in my mind for many years. During my own birth experience, I felt like I was on my own even though my husband was right next to me. We were both inexperienced and he didn't know what to do for me and worse still, I didn't know what I needed from him. Years later, I was lucky enough to be asked to be a labour support person for a special friend, and it was then that I truly recognized the need to have a designated person there to support not only the mother, but her partner too. It was an eye-opening experience for me and what I needed to push me forward to becoming a birth worker.

I bring to my practice a background in psychology and pharmacy (I work as registered pharmacy technician). I have always been interested in health related fields and have insight into human nature and how our past impacts our present selves. I love to learn and am constantly reading, keeping up to date on the most current research regarding all subjects related to childbirth and pregnancy.