Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes are currently being developed. Dates and locations will be announced as they become available.


Prenatal Education Series

Childbirth preparation - TBA




Baby wearing - 2 hour class in baby wearing techniques

Belly binding - perfect for the treatment of diastasis recti

Birth partner workshop - learn how to support your partner in labour

Comfort techniques in labour - learn massage and different labour positions

Labour - learn about the progression of labour


If there are any workshops you would like to attend please contact me. I can offer these privately or to a group.





Mehndi Designs

The traditional art of henna body painting is practiced around the world in countries like India, Africa and throughout the Middle East. Traditionally applied to the hands and feet, modern customs celebrate pregnancy and offer protection, love and positive energy to your baby.

I use natural henna, derived from the henna plant in my imaginative and beautiful designs. Each design will last approximately two weeks, after which it eventually fades away completely.

Consider having a henna tattoo applied to your pregnant belly, hands or feet - or all of the above! Celebrate your pregnancy and make some wonderful memories.

Prices vary - beginning at $15 for a hand design.